Rebecca Denton (BA Hons) is a UK illustrator and painter/printmaker. With a background in Performing Arts, she has translated her love of storytelling and comedy into the medium of painting and printmaking, creating original, handcrafted prints in her London studio. A member of the Printmakers Council and Southbank printmakers, she exhibits in group and solo shows in the UK including London’s Bankside Gallery and the Southbank Printmakers Gallery.  Some of her work has been archived in London’s Victoria and Albert museum and her prints and paintings can be seen hanging on walls from New York to Sydney and a few places in between.

Working from her own ideas and sketches directly onto the plate, the fine line of etching lends itself well to her whimsical cartoons and the sketchiness of the soft ground helps create movement and texture. The concept behind the image is as critical as the printmaking process itself and by combining these ancient techniques with fresh ideas, she strives to produce work that is both contemporary and unique.
Rebecca also creates monoprints: they are a way to be spontaneous and produce a painterly print with movement, atmosphere and light. Heavily influenced by work within the world of photography, she tends to focus on the light within the image, thereby avoiding hard, obvious lines. They are the perfect antidote to the etchings in that they are one-offs.

What is most important to Rebecca is that a person can get lost in a picture, carried back to their childhood, be inspired or just chuckle.

Her work can be viewed permanently at the Southbank Printmakers Gallery which holds six exhibitions a year.