I love it when a person gets lost in a picture, carried back to their childhood or inspired.

Starting with very rough sketches, I translate some of them into paintings or handmade prints. My handbag is full of scribbles on the backs of receipts or napkins because you never know when an idea may arrive.

My love of storytelling and comedy started with a Performing Arts background and the dreamy, whimsical themes from a tendency to 'switch off' from the world around me. A beautiful image is pleasing, but something has got to be happening. 

I like to combine my ideas with ancient printmaking techniques, particularly etching, as I can achieve multiple prints with a beautiful, crafted vintage feel where each one is handmade and therefore unique.

My tidy studio (nothing like my handbag) in North London is where the chaos of my ideas find order and come to life. 

My handmade prints are permanently on show at the Southbank Printmakers Gallery in South East London. 

See what I've been up to below:

2018 May, Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead

2018 March, Affordable Art Fair, Battersea

2017 Sept, Etching 'Girl with Ball' selected for National Original Print Exhibition, Bankside Gallery, London

2017 March, 'Lasting Impressions', Scarborough Museum ('NYC' etching selected for archive)

2017 Feb, 'Limited Editions', Southbank Printmakers @ The Oxo Tower, London

2016 Sept, 'In Two Parts', Lombard Street Gallery, Margate

2014/2016 Selected/shortlisted Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

2015  Elected membership to Southbank Printmakers

2015 Illustration contract, Getty Images

2015 Nov, 'Fifty Years of Artists Prints', Bankside Gallery (Linocut selected for Victoria and Albert Museum Archive)

2014 Joined Printmakers Council

2014 Group show, Pie Factory, Margate

2013 Dry-point etching series, England’s Lane Books, London

2012 Etchings and ceramics, NW3 artists, Hampstead 






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